Lucy's Burger Bar

Lucy's Mission Statement

Lucy's is thrilled to be bringing the famous Minnesota cheese-stuffed burgers to Tennyson St. in the Berkeley neighborhood. But Lucy's is more than just burgers. We seek to be a community-oriented establishment empowering and uplifting our neighbors with a message of equality.

Lucy's is proudly woman-owned & we love to help this part of our culture grow by supporting companies that are also owned & run by women, as well as POC and our PRIDE community. We care deeply for animals and the environment and we love to provide products from companies that give back to these areas.

History of the Juicy Lucy

"The Jucy (or Juicy) Lucy is a South Minneapolis creation, a burger style unique to the Gopher state. Possibly because the only warm things in Minnesota are traditionally stuffed inside of other things, it involves essentially combining two thin patties around a ball of American cheese and sealing the corners, so that when the burger is cooked, the cheese inside gets melty and gooey and explodes into your mouth when you break through."